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Thought Leadership

COVID-19 is highlighting the deficiencies of EHR interoperability.

Alex Azar has fired up Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors over his recent calls for industry wide interoperability. While specifications have existed for years the real barrier for innovation stem...

-Nathan Strack

Understanding Tech Intensity In Banking

Satya Nadella defined tech intensity as the potential for organizations to not only adopt new technologies but to extend them to drive their value. Banks are pivoting to inject technology innovation i...

-Nathan Strack

Accelerating Your Digital Flywheel

In Jim Collins Good To Great he artfully lays out the analogy of the flywheel in relation to building organizations and the momentum that drives them. Slow at first, gradually building speed until its...

-Nathan Strack

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Focusing on transformation at all levels, we enable organizations to leverage technology across all facets of their business.

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